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Mod Post: Original Character Application

Application for Original Characters:

Your name:
Your journal:
Yes, you must have a journal on a blogging site. If you don't, someone in-game has to vouch for you.
Email and/or IM: This must be one that you use! We have to be able to contact you.
Your age: We don't have an age limit here. We're just curious.

Character's name:
Name of character's home universe:
Character's journal:
Yes, you can wait until your app is accepted before creating it.

Physical description: 50-100 words. We want to have a good mental image of what your character looks like.
History: 200-word minimum. Make sure we know exactly where your character comes from and what their life has been like so far.
Personality: 200-word minimum. We want to know that you know who your character is.
Tell us about your character's home universe. They must come from their own universe. No Pokemon trainers or Hogwarts students! Include any necessary information on his or her world. We want to see that this is a place.
Name of PB, if not using original art:

Sample journal post:
Sample log post:

Choose two situations from the following list. Your sample post should be about one of them and your sample log about the other. These must be 100-200 words in length.
1. How would your character react if he/she walked into a Starbucks on Modern Earth and was recognised?
2. How would your character react if he/she bumped into a hippogryff and had never seen one before?
3. What would your character do if he/she found him/herself stranded on the Death Star with only a lightsaber?
4. Your character's house is on fire! What three things does he/she save and why? (Not people. Assume people can save themselves.)
5. Your character was on a date that ended badly - the date dumped his/her soda over your character's head. What does he/she do?
6. Your character discovers a GameBoy. How does he/she react?
7. Your character is forced to participate in a team sport. What sport does he/she choose? What position? Why?
8. Your character is given an iPod with an infinite library. Which five songs would he/she listen to most and why?

Please email your application to genesis.mods@gmail.com. The subject line should look like this:
Application - Original Character - [Character's Name]
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