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Mod Post: Setting

The Cosmic Genesis, an invisible, infinite force that exists anywhere and everywhere, is in charge of keeping tabs on every universe and every world to ever exist.

Unfortunately, the Genesis is dying. So it's turned over some of its duties to the internet.

One day, you discover a computer. You may know what this device is; you may not. However, it comes already connected to the internet... and to other worlds.

You come to realise that not only can you visit modern-day Earth, but also a wide assortment of other places, simply by clicking the "Web Port" icon on your desktop.

Be prepared, however: some inhabitants of Modern Earth may recognise you. Can you handle the celebrity?

And there is a danger inherent to some of those 'other worlds'... not all of them are necessarily friendly to outsiders. And there's always the risk of getting trapped.

But at the same time... the chance for the adventure of your life awaits you.

Are you ready?


The concept is fairly simple: One day, your character wakes up and has a computer. It's all set up for them with an internet connection and a program called "Web Port."

Through the internet, your character can discover any other fandom you want them to - after all, it's the internet! Your character may also discover that they're a character. It's up to you to decide how they handle this.

The "Web Port" program works as a portal between different fandoms. Your character can travel to any fandom represented in the game at a given time. If the game doesn't have a character from a certain fandom, your character can't go there, although they can certainly find out that it exists. Don't worry about your character being stranded if they're in another fandom and its only representative in the game drops; your character will be automatically transported home. Your character's computer automatically travels with them.

Characters who are from a non-modern time period can obtain things like cell phones and iPods in fandoms that have them, or on Modern Earth, but keep in mind that these devices may or may not work in their home worlds.

From time to time, there may be a Cosmic Event. These will be events initiated by the mods if the game slows down or the community requests one or we feel like we want to mess with you.

Some examples of possible Cosmic Events:
- A villain from a fandom not represented in the game shows up and starts wreaking havoc. Mysteriously, all information on their fandom has vanished from the internet. It's up to your characters to find out how to get rid of them.
- The Cosmic Genesis is infected with a virus that temporarily shuts down the Web Port, and if your character is in another fandom, they're stranded until such time as the virus can be repaired.

Cosmic Genesis is a panfandom RP that also accepts original characters. The applications for these two are different; please make sure you do the right one when submitting your application.
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