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Mod Post: Rules

The Rules of Cosmic Genesis

General Rules:

1. No God-modding. This basically means, only play your own character. Don’t decide the actions and reactions for another. Let other players handle their own.

2. Keep In Character and Out of Character things separate. Got an issue with another player? Keep it out of the game. Take it up with them either through email or in the OOC community. OOC drama will not be tolerated and will not affect the game in any way, shape, or form.

3. Please be respectful. Remember, behind every character is a player. These players are people. Don’t act like a jerk if you don’t want other people to treat you the same way.

1a/2a/3a. We have a three strikes policy regarding rulebreaking. On your first offense, you will get a warning. On the second, you will be required to take a one-week hiatus. On the third, you will be removed from the game. There are no exceptions to this rule.

4. Communicate. Got an opinion or idea? Voice them! That’s why we have an OOC community. It’s there for players to talk to each other.

5. Have fun! (Does this need an explanation?)


Application Rules:

1. You must apply and be accepted before posting. This speaks for itself. Do not start interacting until the moderators approve you.

2. You may re-apply up to three times for a single character. If you are rejected after the third attempt, you may not apply to be that character again.

3. Keep in mind Fandom Character and Original Character applications are different. Mark them as such.

4. There is a limit of four characters per player. Only two of these characters may be from the same fandom (eg, you could play two characters from fandom A, and two from fandom B). If you play two characters from the same fandom, only one of them can be a major character. This is to avoid playercesting. It's not fun for you or anyone else.


Characterization Rules:

1. Keep your characters In-Character. Part of the fun is seeing how the characters would behave and react in certain situations.

2. If your character does “break away from canon” after a while, there needs to be a good reason. Don’t just have the character suddenly act out of character out of nowhere. They have to develop and it has to happen over a period of time. “The Player just feels like it today” is not a good enough reason.

Addendum – Basically, the character detracting from canon after a while is perfectly fine, as real people do grow and change over time. Just please do not have them behave OOC-ly from the very beginning.

Exceptions – Exceptions to this would be if there was a specific event, and the moderators gave the okay for characters to behave differently for the period of said event.

3. Don’t be afraid to let your characters grow. We believe in character development at Cosmic Genesis. People change. Characters do not have to follow their canon at all times. It should not be expected.


Journal Rules:

1. All Journal Entries should be made In Character. OOC posts are to be kept in the OOC community.

2. The Journals work the same as regular LiveJournals. Meaning, the characters are using the journals as a means of communication. They work exactly like regular blogs do. A single entry can’t have a million different filters all at once. If you want something filtered to specific characters, and then something public, and then something private, make separate entries. It is perfectly fine to post more than once, so long as it’s not over the top every day!

3. Plot/Action posts should be kept in logs. Again, the journals are just journals.

4. Please use the best spelling and grammar you can in your posts. The exceptions being if the character wouldn’t know how to type properly at first, but later on they learn how. Just don’t always type improperly. Also, 1337 speak and AOL netspeak/chat speak isn’t allowed in Journal entries. (However, characters may use them when talking to each other if it is something they would do!) In other words: If it's not IC for your character to do it, don't do it.

5. Anonymous commenting is not allowed in Journal or Community posts. You are roleplaying. Play as your characters!

Exception – If a character hosts an Anonymous Meme (or something similar). Anonymous comments can be allowed for that post only. IP Logging is at individual players’ discretions and it will not be mandatory whether character journals have it on or not. Keep that in mind.

7. Please turn off custom comments pages. Custom comment pages more often than not make threads extremely hard to follow. You can turn them off by going to Journal > Customize Journal Style > Presentation > Basic Options. Where it says "Disable customized comment pages for your journal," select "Yes."



1. Please inform the moderators if you take a Hiatus or Drop. Do not just vanish.

Hiatus Length - a Hiatus is defined as any length of time over a week and up to a month that you will be away from the game. After a month, if you haven't returned, one of the mods will contact you. You have two weeks to get in touch with us again before your character is dropped from the game. We'll put your character on hold for another two weeks after that to give you a chance to re-apply.

2. You must make at least two journal entries a month and have more than one comment thread in another entry. Basically, to be considered active, you have to post and comment around.

A thread must have ten comments made by your character to count toward your activity.

3. If you are purged you may reapply twice before considered permanently purged. You have to be at least somewhat dedicated and it wouldn’t be fair to others.


Rules Involving the Game Concept:

1. Only fandoms/universes/worlds with active characters playing will have open WebPorts. For example, if there aren’t any Lord of the Rings characters in the game, the universe will not be open to travel to.

2. If characters are in a world, and the characters the world belongs to are dropped, the world will close and any other characters who were there will be sent back to their original places. Basically, don’t worry about characters getting stranded if there are drops!

3. If you play a popular character, keep that in mind they could go somewhere where they would be recognized. For example, if Harry Potter traveled to Modern Earth and went to Starbucks to get coffee, chances are he would be bombarded by civilians. Keep situations like this in mind when characters venture around.

4. Characters have access to the regular internet. Meaning, if you so choose, your character could find 4chan, or Facebook, or something of the like. This is up to the players.

5. It is up to the players if their characters discover their “fandoms.” This means that, again for example, Harry Potter would not enter the game knowing he is from the J. K. Rowling books. He may discover this if he traveled to Modern Earth or Googled himself, but he would not know from the start. Keep this in mind when playing characters and how they would react.


Community Information:

genesis_rp – The main community. Mods post announcements here and any gamewide events. Basically it’s just an announcement community. Roleplaying takes place in characters' journals and logs.

genesis_ooc – The OOC community. This is where Players introduce themselves, discuss plots/ideas, inform other players if they are dropping or taking a hiatus. A community for communication!

genesis_logs – Where the logs are kept. Post any and all logs (whether LJ, email, or IM client-based) here. It helps players and mods better keep track of them.

Note: The moderators reserve the right to change these rules at any time. In return, we will inform the community before we do so, if for any reason it becomes necessary.
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