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Mod Post: Fandom Character Application

Application for Fandom Characters:

Your name:

Your journal: Yes, you must have a journal on a blogging site. If you don't, someone in-game has to vouch for you.
Email and/or IM: This must be one that you use! We have to be able to contact you.
Your age: We don't have an age limit here. We're just curious.

Character's name:
Character's fandom:
Character's journal:
Yes, you can wait until your app is accepted before creating it.

History: Provide us with a link, as well as a brief summary (50-100 words) so that we're sure you understand it.
Personality: 100-200 words. If you want to provide us with another link as well, that's fine with us.

Sample journal post:
Sample log post:

Choose two situations from the following list. Your sample post should be about one of them and your sample log about the other. These must also be 100-200 words in length.
1. How would your character react if he/she walked into a Starbucks on Modern Earth and was recognised?
2. How would your character react if he/she bumped into a hippogryff and had never seen one before?
3. What would your character do if he/she found him/herself stranded on the Death Star with only a lightsaber?
4. Your character's house is on fire! What three things does he/she save and why? (Not people. Assume people can save themselves.)
5. Your character was on a date that ended badly - the date dumped his/her soda over your character's head. What does he/she do?
6. Your character discovers a GameBoy. How does he/she react?
7. Your character is forced to participate in a team sport. What sport does he/she choose? What position? Why?
8. Your character is given an iPod with an infinite library. Which five songs would he/she listen to most and why?

Please email your application to genesis.mods@gmail.com. The subject line should look like this:
Application - [Character's Name] - [Character's Fandom]
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